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I divided this into 2 sections so I don't write everything about them

2009-03-30 17:51:10 by Tingle

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Breaking news: This building in Turkey, when it was imploded, rolled over itself from the site to a few meters away from a building. This was on August 2.

Section 1: Surprise to the 1st and 2nd ones to comment here!

Attention NG users: The one who comments first in this new post i'll grant him/her the power to do remixes one by one, but before doing that search List of cancer types in Wikipedia and after you read the information of the cancers, do the remixes of the cancers you find one by one. Click the ones that are blue to do these remixes of the cancers. If you click the one that says Bile duct cancer, you appear on the bile duct site. After you appear in that site, click Cholangiocarcinoma, that's the cancer of the bile ducts. Remember: i'll only grant that ability to the first one who leaves a comment in here, so don't get upset if i congratulate that user to make these remixes. This is a quick way to get to the cancer page in Wikipedia: ancer_types

Also, the other surprise is to the one who comments after the one who first did. The surprise is to search Seconds from Disaster in Wikipedia. This is the link to get quick to the page: rom_Disaster
After you enter the site, search the disasters that appear in a box that indicates the episodes of the National Geographic show. Click on them and get the information to do a remix of each disaster, one by one. That's all and good luck NG users. I'll be trusting the congratulated users.

There's an skeleton condo in Miami that it's showing the columns and the cores, IT NEEDS TO BE DEMOLISHED BY IMPLOSION. The address is shown below:
5532 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126.

I replaced my friend Paul Stetich with ApproachingNirvana to do the remixes of my YouTube videos that I posted because Stetich doesn't take requests anymore since December 2008.

Section 2: I got from my imagination these places that are listed...

The following list is about these places that I got from my imagination. Some of them are real places that I also listed here and some places that are in this planet don't have names but I invented names for them, excluding this building that is home to China Central Television (CCTV). Here comes the list:

01. Jonny Hunt Grounds: 3F; located next to Dolphin Stadium Miami, FL.
02. Dolphin Stadium: 7F; located at 2269 Dan Marino Blvd Miami, FL.
03. Yogurt Woods: 9F; at the corner of NW 199th St and NW 27th Ave Miami, FL. Boss: Skarmory.
04. Fracture Lake: B18F; bordered by NW 203rd Ter, NW 32nd Ave & NW 199th St Miami, FL. Boss: Kyogre.
05. Alton Grounds: 13F; located south of Fracture Lake, Miami, FL. Boss: Ho-Oh.
06. Puncture Lake: B12F; 0.56 km to the southwest of Alton Grounds, Miami, FL.
07. Morgagni Lake: B18F; 1.58 km to the northwest of Puncture Lake, Miami FL.
08. Logan Canal: B15F; crosses north of Fracture Lake and Morgagni Lake, Miami, FL. Bosses: 5 Puruglies.
09. Foght Woods: 16F; bordered with NW 183rd St, NW 37th Ave and NW 181st St Miami, FL. Boss: Palkia.
10. Marfan Lake: B20F; 2.31 km away from Foght Woods, Miami, FL.
11. Logan Forest: 20F; located at the south border of the Logan Canal, Miami, FL. Boss: Shaymin.
12. Humana Building: 27F; at the corner with W Main St and S 5th St Louisville, KY. Boss: Dialga.
13. CCTV Headquarters: 51F; located in Beijing, China. Final Boss: Arceus.

NG users, if you want to, do the remixes of these places, but IF you want to do them, do them with my permission please. This is not over yet. There are more places after the final boss in the CCTV Headquarters to see, that you can go to these places freely but some of them have missions to do. Almost all the places are lakes, less two, the first one it is a building that is opposite to the Miami International Airport that has 10 floors in total and the last one is the Burj Dubai, the tallest building of the world. The Burj Dubai is the last place of this list and in the last floor, Darkrai is going to take revenge for his defeat. After he dies, the game is finally over!!! The lakes are in Miami, FL and the last lake is faraway from Miami. Here's the list of the places:

01. Buig Lake: B30F; Boss: Giratina.
02. Albert Lake: B48F; Boss: Phione.
03. Starly Lake: B60F; Boss: Cresselia.
04. Jonas Lake: B50F.
05. Fyer Lake: B49F; Boss: Suicune.
06. Fannin Lake: B59F.
07. Scrap Lake: B28F.
08. Cad Lake: B76F.
09. Forbidden Lake: B99F.
10. Small Lake: B40F.
11. Moss Lake: B60F.
12. Ring Ring Lake: B75F.
13. Rafael Alberti Lake: B58F.
14. Yellow Lake: B43F.
15. Dave Thomas Lake: B80F.
16. Kobe Lake: B50F.
17. Wong Lake: B69F.
18. Freddy Beras Lake: B100F; Boss: Raikou.
19. Tire Lake: B90F; Boss: Entei.
20. Tropical Lake: B40F; Boss: Freddy Beras.
21. Sand Lake: B45F.
22. Everglades Woods: 23F.
23. Finger Lake: B90F; Boss: Kabutops.
24. Bio BronQ Lake: B68F.
25. Cardiac Lake: B99F; Boss: Primal Manaphy. You can't recruit him to the team.
26. Juan Marichal Lake: B55F.
27. Perplexing Lake: B70F.
28. Greta Garbo Lake: B46F; Boss: Juan Marichal.
29. Cole Lake: B89F.
30. Horseshoe Lake: B30F; Boss: Articuno.
31. H Lake: B90F; Boss: Zapdos.
32. Square Lake: B69F; Boss: Moltres.
33. Ryan Cox Lake: B20F; Boss: Ryan Cox.
34. Primus Lake: B30F.
35. Gutemberg Lake: B50F; Boss: Mewtwo.
36. Meckell Lake: B69F; Boss: Greta Garbo.
37. Elcano Lake: B70F.
38. Kocker Lake: B50F; Boss: Mew.
39. Bugatti Lake: B80F.
40. Strange Lake: B20F.
41. Craggy Lake: B70F.
42. Beautiful Lake: B110F; Boss: Celebi.
43. Triathlon Lake: B50F.
44. Ming Lake: B13F; Boss: Regirock.
45. Very Tiny Lake: B6F.
46. Microscope Lake: B30F; Boss: Regice.
47. Farting Lake: B40F.
48. Tiny Lake: B11F.
49. Bang Lake: B60F.
50. Pork Lake: B76F; Boss: Registeel.
51. Rotten Lake: B50F.
52. Bass Lake: B56F.
53. Quinsy Lake: B23F.
54. Jay Lake: B19F.
55. Extravagant Lake: B68F; Boss: Regigigas.
56. L Lake: B90F; Boss: Heatran.
57. Pounded Lake: B70F; Boss: Latios.
58. Guillotine Lake: B32F.
59. Boulder Lake: B45F.
60. Stupid Lake: B67F.
61. Trip Lake: B45F; Boss: Latias.
62. Mogul River: B56F; Boss: Rayquaza.
63. Hurricane Lake: B99F.
64. Buttocks Lake: B45F; Boss: Jirachi.
65. Freakin' Lake: B20F; Boss: Deoxys.
66. Fanny Lú Lake: B89F; Boss: Fanny Lú.
67. Lake Okeechobee: B99F; Boss: Primal Rhyperior. You can't recruit him to the team.
68. The Miami Skeleton Building: 10F.
69. Burj Dubai: 180F; Boss: Darkrai's Revenge.

Go to ths link for you to watch the numbered and ordered lakes for a future game I planned: iago/LakesNumberedByOrder#

Remember, you need my permission to do the remixes about these places. The number of places in the free-exploring missions are: 69 places... HOLY CRAP! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT, 69 PLACES!

The game is finally finished!!! Good luck everybody.

RyeGuyHead, you're the only one to remix this. You can use your imagination to do it with this information below:

Team Galactic stole Porygon-Z from someone 0.98 miles away from Team Galactic's 30-story HQ. They took Porygon-Z to the HQ, accessing a automatic suspension bridge that closes when someone enters, then into their luxurious OR. They cut open Porygon-Z with a ten blade to retrieve this device. But then, this guy entered through the suspension bridge, that it failed to close because it was stuck in place by eigh hard cysts that are resistant to retrieve his Porygon-Z. The guy's name is Albert. Then, while in front of the OR doors, he knocked the door and one Galactic Grunt sayed: ''Who is it?''. Then, he threw a stone into the glass door and it broke, scaring the people inside. The ones involved in this surgery were: 20 male and female Galactic Grunts, Commander Jupiter, Boss Cyrus and Commander Mars. Jupiter almost has the device, but then, as she tries to tear apart the device, a knock is heared again. Cyrus opens the door and.. It's Albert! He says: GRRRRRRRRR... YOU AGAIN? BE GONE. WE'LL NEVER RETURN YOUR PORYGON-Z BECAUSE THE DEVICE HE HAS IS GONNA BE OURS FOR US TO CREATE A NEW GALAXY! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA...
Albert gets really pissed and he sends out his Magnezone, Lickilicky, Rhyperior, Tangrowth, Electivire, Magmortar, Togekiss, Yanmega, Leafeon, Glaceon, Gliscor, Mamoswine, Gallade, Probopass, Dusknoir, Froslass, Rotom, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus. They freak out and Jupiter closes Porygon-Z and Porygon-Z returns with Albert, it still has the device. All of Albert's Pokémon combined forces and they threw a Mega Laser that destroyed part of the HQ and killed all the members of Team Galactic in one shot. Then, a bomb detonated 20 seconds after, killing the remaining Galactic Grunts and Commanders Saturn and Charon. The HQ partially collapsed in floors 15 to 30. The remains were imploded at 9:40 AM on January 25, 2009. The picture below was drawed by myself. It's about a secret device that was never mentioned below Porygon-Z's chest.

I divided this into 2 sections so I don't write everything about them


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2009-03-30 18:08:40

WHy would anyone want to make a remix of that? It was just a boring construction yard.

(Updated ) Tingle responds:

I'm not talking about you! I'm just saying ApproachingNirvana needs to watch these videos and make remixes about these videos. Don't you understand? If you do not, i'll kick your ass! Ah, i have no option but to ban you. So don't talk like that to these videos. If you say that again of these videos, i'll sue YOU!!!


2009-04-15 09:44:44

I'm sorry, I don't understand what I'm remixing . . .

(Updated ) Tingle responds:

Please... I'll give you permission to do them. Thanks for the comment and i'll be trusting you my friend. Watch this post and re-comment it because i'm editing it and i'm posting more videos to YouTube and i put the links to this post. Also, i'm changing the picture above.


2009-04-21 14:54:23

So what you're saying is that you want me to just go about my remix like normal, but you want me to add constructional elements to it? I suppose I can do that

Tingle responds:

I'm proud of you, amigo. That's what I was waiting for you to say. So, you can use your imagination to invent the remixes. You can add the constructional elements to them. When you start to do The Noisy Hole's remix, add the sounds of the electric hammer and the bulldozer.


2009-04-21 19:46:25

Uh, yeah. Sure.

Tingle responds:

Errrmmm... Amigo, don't get mad. It is that I'm not your commander for you to get pissed. So I don't want to lose you as a friend because if that happens, I'm going to cry.

Errrrmmmm... what i was going to say... Oh yes. I was about to say that I sent you a message to your email that contains these photos I promised you that I was sending them to you. Just do them by yourself the remixes. This is not an order and also, it's not a request.


2009-04-26 11:08:45

I'm a little confused myself...

Am I just to provide background music for the videos, or remix the ambience of them too?

Tingle responds:

Yes, you can do that. So, if you finish the remixes of all my YouTube videos, you'll become my friend, but all of them please.


2009-05-05 22:19:24

Summer is just around the corner, meaning...

Lots of random remixes for Tingle!!!

starting with..."The Noisy Hole"

Tingle responds:

YES!!!!! I was waiting for that, amigo. You're my friend from now on because of this comment. When you finish all of them, leave a comment saying that you finished them.


2009-05-18 13:03:55

Here's something: n/239209

Use it with these two videos of the nader hole, in order xRr4A uwzzs&feature=channel_page

You should start experimenting with flash animations. You're too overimaginative to not dabble with it.

Tingle responds:

Ok. I heard it. I'm starting to submit flash someday.


2009-07-22 20:40:57

Perhaps if you didn't post 15 comments in a row on my blog I wouldn't have banned you. I REALLY DO APPRECIATE you reviewing all my songs, though.

I will lift the ban soon enough, please forgive...

(Updated ) Tingle responds:

It's ok, dude. Sorry for that. ApproachingNirvana is REALLY busy and he can't do the holes for me. You can't do them because you FUCKING BANNED ME! YOU'RE FIRED!


2009-08-09 11:33:21

Do you HAVE A life?

(Updated ) Tingle responds: